Pet Adoption Resources

Petfinder is a website provided by the ASPCA. It is an excellent resource to help people find a pet. It contains a comprehensive listing of animals available for adoption from shelters and rescue groups, with photos and descriptions. Use the search engine to find a specific breed or type of pet. Many shelters, humane societies, and rescue groups in the Kansas City area post their available pets on this website – including the KCMO shelter.

Petango is a searchable database for finding pets who need homes.
Pet Harbor is a searchable database for finding pets who need homes.
Visit Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption Center to find the perfect pet!

Pet-Friendly Housing

For a comprehensive list of pet-friendly housing options, visit the Animal Humane Society website.

Dog Training and Obedience

A trained dog is a happy dog!

We highly recommend that you take your dog to obedience classes. Classes should be reward-based and fun for you and your dog. Armani’s Angels of Kansas City believes in positive reinforcement training which uses rewards instead of shock collars.

Training is an opportunity for you and your dog to bond. Not only will you and your dog learn a lot but it’s also a great way to socialize your dog with people and other dogs. Puppies can start as early as four months of age.

Dog Daycare Services

PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH! All boarding and pet services are NOT created equal! Some are good and some are not. It’s good to ask friends and neighbors which services they use and prefer. Tour the boarding facility before bringing a pet there and interview various pet caretakers prior to needing them at that moment. Look up the business’ reviews to see if there are any red flags. You wouldn’t leave a child with just anyone so don’t do it with your pet!

Mobile Vet Services

Bill Knapper, DVM: 816-753-9993
Animal Tracks (Dr. Hatfield): 913-491-5533
Lap of Love: Veterinary Hospice and In-Home Euthanasia

Pet Wheelchairs

Outreach Groups in the Kansas City Area

Outreach Groups concentrate on providing relief to pets who otherwise wouldn’t get it. They focus on educating pet owners and giving adequate care to animals whose owners may be failing to do so. These organizations’ volunteers will, for example, provide new dog houses, straw, new food bowls, cable (instead of chain) tie-outs, flea/tick prevention and so much more. These people are “in the trenches” in some of the area’s most poverty-stricken areas and, I assure you, they are always in need of hands-on volunteers!

Financial Assistance for Unexpected Pet Expenses

The Rescue Project
ISF Emergency Medical Care Grant
Trio Animal Foundation
Red Rover
The Killuminati Foundation (for cases in Springfield, MO and surrounding communities)



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